Federal Authorities Join Search for Man Wanted in Bangor Murder 

Federal authorities have joined the search for 27-year-old Edgard Anziani. He’s wanted for the murder of a one-year-old boy in Bangor. Officials say he likely headed out of state. Now, a federal fugitive warrant has been issued for his arrest.Meanwhile, friends of the boy’s mother are doing everything they can to support her.Sasha Stecher and Kassandra Pulley spent the day putting posters up around town. “Wanted, Edgard Anziani.” They’re friends with the mother of 15-month old Damien Lynn.”He could bring a smile to your face. He could do anything. If you were in a bad mood, he could make you laugh. His smile would brighten the room,” Stecher says, of Damien.”It really shocks you when you hear something so out of the blue, for no apparent reason. I mean, who in their right mind would want to do that to a 15-month-old,” Pulley says.Tuesday morning, police were called to the home on Bald Mountain Drive where Damien lived with his mother.Police say Anziani told them he had been staying there off and on for several months. Friends of the mother say the couple had recently broken up.”I didn’t even know he lived there,” says next-door neighbor, Danielle Rideout. “I’ve never seen him here until that morning. He was here talking to the cops.”Police say Anziani told them the boy fell down the stairs. He had been alone with the child at the time.An official in the medical examiner’s office says Damien’s injuries weren’t consistent with that claim. Injuries included head trauma, broken bones and a human bite mark.Neighbors say they’re shocked and sad.”Especially living right next door. Not feeling responsible, but it seems like I should have seen something or heard something, or anything. But there was absolutely nothing out of the ordinary,” Rideout says.We’re told a strong network around Damien’s mother will be working to help her.”She’s got friends and family that will support her and that’s going to help her and be there for her,” Stecher says.”It really makes you step back and watch what you’re doing and pay attention to who comes in and out of your life,” Pulley says. “It hits you when you’re a parent, really hard.”Folks in the community are setting up a candelight vigil for Damien, open for anyone who wants to attend.The vigil will be held on Tuesday, March 9th, at 7 p.m. in Cascade Park.