Debris from Rockland Roof Blocks Main Street 

In Rockland, Main Street was closed this morning after high winds blew debris from the roofs of two houses into the street.Debbie Morrison, owner of PDQ Photo and the apartments above says when she reached her building around 2:30 Friday morning it was a mess. She says, “The people beside us lost their deck and all of their roof so it was a tremendous amount of wind that just ripped it all apart. The ceiling was leaking and we were laying down towels and buckets. As fast as they could dump it out, they would fill up again.” Fire and police were already on scene when Morrison arrived. They had blocked off Main Street. The damage to the building is substantial. Morrison and family had recently installed three solar panels, a project that cost them about 14 thousand dollars. The family does have insurance to fix the damage. No one was hurt.