Computer Class for Senior Citizens 

You won’t find just your average students at a computer class at the University College of Bangor.Meghan Hayward joined the class to see what it’s all about.It’s called Geezer to Geek.”And it teaches senior citizens in the local area how to use their computer effectively.”Instructor Diana Kokoska says it’s an important skill for these folks to have.”Because as you know almost everything you do now is electronic and seniors especially want to be able to go out and keep in touch with their children by email. That’s one of things that we teach them.”Some students needed to learn basic knowledge about a computer.”Well we learned how to turn it on, which most of us didn’t know in class one. We’ve learned a lot of things, how to get on the internet, how to email. I mean just incredible things.”Most of them are now surfing the web like a geek and not a geezer. They even found TV-5’s Website.Those in the class encourage others to think about joining too.”Go, go, go. It’s not intimidating. It’s very low key. The instructors are wonderful and there are people in the classroom which will help you.”There might even be some future social networkers who come out of this class.”Opens up a whole new world. I don’t twitter and I don’t do Facebook but I might. I want to always learn. I think it makes life interesting.”Something Kokoska is happy to hear.”It’s really exciting just like it is in a regular classroom. You find out all of a sudden they realize I know how to do this and I’m not afraid of it anymore and that really is a good feeling when they do that.”