Bangor Council Discusses Auditorium 

Replacing the Bangor Auditorium for the least amount of money, that’s the task before Bangor city leaders.They reviewed recommendations made by a special committee Thursday evening at a city council workshop.The current plan would replace the auditorium first, then consider what to do with the civic center side of the building.The hope is to start construction by the middle of next year on a $50,000,000 project, but there was some concern at the meeting about how realistic that goal actually is.After much discussion about the list of recommendations, the council finally voted to accept them as somewhat of a starting point.Councilors did, however, amend the point outlining a general start date for the project. “In the end we got the council members to support, practically unanimously, our recommendations, and most importantly to say this is the top priority item, and the will keep it moving forward,” Said Evelyn Silver, who is a member of the Bangor Arena Committee.A major concern of the council is the availability of funds for the project.The goal is to acquire enough funding so that the financial burden does not fall on the tax payers.