Soldiers Monument In Hermon On The Move 

Some town officials in Hermon would like give a town landmark a new home. Now they’re asking residents where that new home should be. “It’s part of our history and culture,” says Hermon Town Manager Clinton Deschene, “I mean it’s the monument. You don’t have to say anything more. If you’re here in town people know that you’re referring to that particular object.”The soldiers monument has stood at the corner of Billings Road and Route 2 in Hermon for over 100 years. Now some town officials want to move it. “There’s been an open discussion about it,” he says, “it’s something that’s been on the radar for quite a few years. It was located there in the early 1900’s before cars. One of the things I pointed out to the council is that intersection had 10 horse and buggies through it when it was originally placed, now there’s close to 8000 vehicles going through that intersection.”Deschene says there’s several reasons why moving the monument makes sense. “Two of the items we’re looking at are traffic safety and access that’s the two things we’d like to be able to improve. We’d like people to to see the monument easier without having to cross busy roads and we’d like people to be able to drive through the community without having to avoid something that could be causing a problem with traffic.”Town officials hope to do major road work to the intersection where the monument now sits…they say eventually it will have to be moved. “So we now have a few options on the table we want to talk about with the public. See if any of them they like. What they do and don’t prefer or is it truly going to just stay right where it’s at.” Deschene says the cost of moving the monument is around $6000.