Nokomis Gears Up For State Championship 

The Nokomis girls basketball team is in the state title game for the first time since they won it all nine years ago.That was the first for the school and it made an impression on this group of warriors that is gearing up to play york tomorrow. Tim Throckmorton has more.”Incredible, we’ve been playing together since 3rd or 4th grade and been talking about it since Nokomis won the stat title in 2003 or one.”It was 2001. Clark, Welch, Murray, Pelkey, Lowe, Palmer and the rest. “Yeah, I think it helped us what we could go for strive for what it was like to be there cause we saw em win the gold ball saw them do everything.””Yeah, I remember going and the atmosphere remember that I always wanted to go when I was in high school some day.”They were little girls then: 6-7 and 8. But aspirations are one thing and fulfilling the dream is another.”The big thing we talked about was believing and they had to believe in themselves. They were younger looking up to that team. We were saying its your turn and you have what it takes to get there. We can get there.”Quite a few players from that 2001 team have come to practice this week to talk to the team. Nokomis and York tomorrow night at 7:00 at the bangor auditorium.