Mainers Make Their Opinions Known on Healthcare Summit 

President Obama will hold a meeting Thursday with congressional leaders on health care reform.The Maine Association of Health Underwriters met in Bangor Wednesday to get their position on the issue across to Senators Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe.The group represents health insurance brokers and consultants who work with thousands of companies in Maine.They’re pitching a plan based on what they’ve heard from their members. It focuses on access, cost, and quality.Features include preserving health saving accounts, and letting out of state insurers sell premiums in Maine. “We’ve made a number of trips down to Washington over the course of the past year, talking about specific proposals within the House and Senate bill,” Joel Allumbaugh, the President of MAHU. “Our access has been fantastic they’ve been very receptive, a lot of phone calls back from Senate offices when they come across technical language and they want a sense of how it will impact Maine companies and Maine employees.”They’re hoping that at Thursday’s meeting, the president encourages open discussion, starting with a clean slate on health care reform.Senator Olympia Snowe was asked by the white house to attend the meeting, but has declined, saying that she wasn’t chosen under the rules, so her attendance would be inappropriate.