Belfast Middle Schoolers Get Ready to Perform “Girl Power” 

It will be lights, camera and action for some middle schoolers in Belfast this weekend.Meghan Hayward caught up with the students during one of their dress rehearsals.Students at the Troy Howard Middle school in Belfast are preparing for their live performances of the play “Girl Power.”” Teenagers dealing with peer pressure and teen romance. The love triangle, except that here instead of two girls fighting over a boy with words, they shoot laser beams out of their hands.”Two teachers co-wrote the play. “I really wanted to interest the kids so I figured they’re really into Harry Potter, Spiderman and Twilight, those types of things with supernatural elements. So kids with super powers seemed like a great way to keep them interested.”they had such a big turn-out at auditions, they had to cast the show twice.But co-writer Jason Bannister says it’s not just about the kids performing. “It’s more than just being on stage. I get a lot of kids involved backstage, learning how to stage manage and run a box office.””Well I am not a good actor but I like working with other people and I like seeing what’s going on.”For those who have an acting part, they say it’s pretty cool to have super powers.”It’s really fun because you get to watch how things move around.”Autumn Stupca has one of the lead roles. She plays the new girl and says she was able to bring real-life experiences to the part.”Because my parents move around a lot so I know what it’s like to be the new girl and see how the schools work differently.”There is no doubt, all the students, no matter what role they have, are enjoying the play.”I love it. I think it’s been one of the best plays I’ve ever seen. It’s cool that one of the teachers you know made it.”The play will be performed at the Troy Howard Middle School in Belfast this Friday and Saturday at 7 pm and also at 1 pm on saturday.There are also performances at the same days and times the following weekend.