An Inside Look at the Fun Side of the Nokomis Warriors 

The Nokomis girls basketball team will play for the state title tomorrow night. Tonight we get a behind the scenes look at the Warriors from the teams starting point guard.”Hi, I’m Julie Smith. A Junior at Nokomis Regional High School and we’re gonna see a little bit about my teammates.So I hear you’re not very good at math,I’m not. Why. Because I don’t pay attention enough.If you look around there are only 10 and I think there are 13 on the roster. 13… Are you sure. Yeah.And its been said that you only have two friends and you eat in the bathroom at lunchtime. Yeah, you could say that.So whats your name. Danielle. So how high can you jump. I don’t know I never measured.So I hear you are a great three point shooter, I’d like to see you make one. OKSo you have one shot and one shot only, give it a go.You might wanna start practicing that for the state game we can’t have that.So coach Dionne one of your top three point shooters just missed a clutch three pointer how does that make you feel.Oh, we’re in trouble now.Can we see a little of your pre game dance girls. OK superstar.Thankfully my teammates are better basketball players. Signing off.”