Some Belfast Residents Upset Over New Planned Sheriff’s Office and EMA Building Location 

Some folks in Belfast aren’t happy with a plan to build a new Sheriff’s Office and Emergency Management Agency in a vacant lot behind the former jail.The Waldo County Commissioners recently approved spending 1-million dollars from existing county accounts to replace the nearly 200-year-old building.Resident Thierry Bonneville, who owns land next to the site of the proposed building says he and other neighbors support a new facility, but do not want to see it go in a residential area that has a lot of history to it.Bonneville says they first learned of the proposed building only a few weeks ago when a neighbor saw surveyors at the site.The proposed building would be four times the size of any homes in the surrounding area.Another concern the residents have is with the noise the new building will bring to the neighborhood.” So as far as the direct impact on the neighborhood it’s not the residence that we’re building here, it’s a 24/7, 365 day operation. With a parking lot, with air conditioning going on and a generator and a lot of people coming back and forth at all hours of the night.”Bonneville and other concerned neighbors are meeting with the EMA center Thursday night at 5.Anyone interested in learning more, is invited to attend the meeting.