Sister of Warren Buffett Offers $500,000 Boost to Camp Capella 

A huge financial boost could secure the future of a special place for local campers with disabilities. Doris Buffett, the sister of billionaire investor Warren Buffett, is giving Camp Capella in Dedham up to $500,000. But it’s an offer that only comes with community support. All year long, Camp Capella in Dedham offers kids and adults with disabilities the chance to experience camp – just like anyone else. Now Executive Director Dana Mosher says a donation by Doris Buffett’s Sunshine Lady Foundation will help those experiences continue. “What she’s providing us with is an interest free, payment free mortgage and five years from now if we continue to prove to her that Camp Capella has the support of the community, and it’s a self sustaining agency, she forgives the mortgage. It’s ours.”Mosher says that, along with a $65,000 matching grant for improvements to the camp, adds up to a $500,000 gift. “We still have to raise our operation costs. We still have to match her gifts to us. She wants us to show her that Camp Capella is going to continue to be supported by the community.”Buffett says, “We’re not planning on supporting the camp on a yearly basis. We’ve made it possible for them to go forward, and we’re counting on big-hearted people in the State of Maine and elsewhere to support it, because it is an extremely worthy cause.”Nearly four years ago, financial problems forced Camp Capella to close for two seasons. Mosher says he hopes the Buffett boost can assure campers that won’t happen again. “For them, this is their camp and this helps us with our future, so it’s gonna be there for them.”Buffett adds, “The way I feel about it is: How would I feel if I had a child who was handicapped. And when I know how tough it would be, my heart goes out to them, and I want to help, and I hope others will do the same.”Again, none of the money from the Sunshine Lady Foundation will pay for day-to-day operations. Mosher say the community still needs to help Camp Capella through donations and sponsoring kids to go to camp. For more information, log on to