Ellsworth Students Get Valuable Lesson 

Three Ellsworth High School students were hospitalized earlier this month when police say they overdosed on over-the-counter cough medicine. That led to a very timely lesson at their school today.The Ellsworth community has sounded the alarm on the abuse of over the counter cold medication. “After the 3 students that ended up in the ER is when it sort of came to the forefront that it’s probably something we should address,” says Sgt. Glenn Moshier.”Both locally and nationally, it’s increased over the past several years,” says Dr. Sheena Whittaker a Pediatrician, “especially since we’ve seen three cases in the past two weeks here in Ellsworth alone. We’re very worried about it.”The difficulty in battling this problem is these medications are so easy for kids to get their hands on. “We’re also talking about Dramamine and Benadryl or any of the over the counter medications that can easily be bought in a pharmacy or be found in the medicine cabinet at home,” Dr. Wittaker.Ellsworth Police were also on hand to try to spread the word. “So we felt it was important to get the accurate information out to the students and hopefully to the parents as well so that they could understand the dangers that can occur from the use and abuse of these types of over the counter medications,” says Sgt. Moshier.Students say the session shed some light on the problem of over the counter medications. “I had no idea,” says Senior Michael Butters, “it’s going to make me look at cough medicine and prescription drugs differently and really pay attention to the dosages.””But even more importantly if they have depression or pain or are not able to cope with everyday life they seek out help rather than turning to these other medications or over the counter sources,” says Dr. Whittaker.