Cianbro Makes Announcement about Workforce at Brewer Facility 

Cianbro’s module project for a refinery in Texas is coming to an end.And if the facility does not get more contracts, over 1-hundred employees could be without work.The project will come to an end this June.President Andi Vigue says starting now they will begin reducing people at the Brewer site, but the end of April is when they will see the largest amount.There are currently about 5-hundred employees in Brewer and Vigue says that could go down to just 25 if they can not find work.Vigue says they are trying to transfer many of the employees into the company’s construction jobs.” It is headed toward a low point and we’re optimistic we have 4 or 5 projects right now that if successful they would come to this facility and continue to be constructed here. We have no plans to close the facility or sell or abandon the facility. We’re just going to reduce the amount of craft work for us on site until we have more construction work.”Vigue says it’s important to remember that this is just the end of another project which is a common occurrence in the construction industry.