Bucksport 15 Year-Old Bowls a Perfect Game 

Recently a 15 year old from Bucksport accomplished a feat few bowlers ever acheive. As Prescott Rossi tells us, his drive comes from his family and friends.Meet McCauley Ddonna, a sophomore at Bucksport High School. On February 11th, he bowled the first 300 game in state high school league play.McCauley Donna – Bucksport High School”After about the eighth one, I was like ‘aww man I could actualy shoot 300 this game.'”He comes from a bowling family and they all give each other support.McCauley Donna”My dad was the first one up there and he ran up and gave me a big hug…”Jerry Donna – McCauley’s Father”…I didn’t know if I was going to be able to stay because my heart was racing. It was pounding right out of my chest. I was more nervous to watch him throw it than I was when I threw mine.”McCauley also was surrounded by his friends for the big moment.Jenna Dionne”I was there and McCauley was pacing around after every shot. I just told him to calm down and to relax.”While he tears it up in high shcool, McCauley hops his perfect game is the start of a long bowling career.McCauley Donna”I’d like to hopefully bowl in college and see where it goes.”In Bangor, Prescott Rossi. WABI TV 5 Sports.