Bangor History Center Re-Evaluates Future Site Plans 

A historic building in downtown Bangor was supposed to be the future home of the Bangor Museum and Center for History. Now it looks like that won’t happen.Museum board president Michael Aube tells TV5 three million dollars had been raised and renovations were underway at the building on Broad Street, which had been donated for the project.But during renovations they discovered they’d have to spend another three million dollars to get the building up to par. They also found out operating the museum in that space would be too expensive.Aube says the board is now talking to donors, and over the next few months will be re-evaluating their goals.”We’re taking a hard look at where we can do this. How do we ensure that operational costs can be sustained, and do it in such a way that protects the dignity of the collections– which is really priceless,” he says.The museum has tens of thousands of artifacts from Bangor’s history, including early photographs, a large Civil War collection and even, added more recently, the neon sign from The Coffee Pot.Aube says they want those pieces to eventually find a home in downtown Bangor. They’re not yet sure what will happen to the space on Broad Street, or when they will be ready to move forward.