Ellsworth Woman Gives Birth, Never Knew She Was Pregnant 

An Ellsworth woman got quite a shock earlier this month. She delivered a baby girl just hours after she found out she was pregnant. According to Chelsea Smith, it all started as back pain after she thought she had overdone it during a dance class. “I thought I pulled a muscle and I was having cramps in my stomach,” she says, “it wasn’t unbearable, it was just annoying and it would happen every 15 minutes.” The pain became so bad that Smith’s Mother-In-Law took her to the emergency room. “I got there and I assumed I had some sort of kidney infection or that something was going wrong with my back. That’s what my mom suggested it could be.”Test results revealed the 21-year-old Smith was pregnant, but even the medical staff at M.D.I. hospital was shocked to find out how far along she was. “The woman who took the ultrasound was 22 weeks pregnant,” says Smith, “it was obvious she was pregnant. She just stood there going, ‘oh my God, oh my God,’ and my mom and I started freaking out. She said you’re 39 weeks pregnant, you’re full term, you’re going to be having a baby by today or tomorrow.”The news was equally as shocking for the new father-to-be, Ansel Smith. “That’s kind of where the shock came in, having a kid in a day, there’s no preparing for it or anything.”On January 6th, Ansel and Chelsea Smith welcomed their daughter, Lily Hazel Ann Smith into the world, less than 48 hours after finding out she was pregnant. Smith says she showed absolutely no sign of being pregnant. “That’s why they said I probably didn’t feel her kick, because she’s such a quiet baby and the reason why I didn’t have a baby bump is because she was set so far back in my womb.”Despite not being prepared, smith says the maternal instinct was almost immediate. “Something definitely snaps. I mean I wasn’t planning on ever having kids, but it clicks and I’m glad to have her. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”