A Dangerous Game 

18 year old Alex Quimby was an outgoing young man facing a bright future.But his life came to a tragic end last November.The medical examiner ruled his death a suicide.But his parents blame a dangerous game for his death, one that is played by thousands of kids everyday.”Alex loved his friends, he loved his family.”Alex Quimby and his family were all smiles as they celebrated his graduation from Orono High School last June.Now it serves as a reminder to two heartbroken parents of exactly what they lost.Alex was in Florida last November visiting his dad.”I knocked and he didn’t answer.”On November 16, David Quimby came home to find his son’s door locked, when he finally got the door opened”That’s when I saw the horrific picture that is stuck in my mind.”Alex’s body was in a half seated position, with a d-ring belt around his neck, tied to the closet rod.David called 911 and started C.P.R.”Obviously that’s one of the worst things a parent can ever imagine, finding their child like that also trying to revive him””I heard him say Alex hung himself and I said no, there’s no way Alex would never do that.”Alex’s death was ruled a suicide by the medical examiner, but that didn’t add up to Alex’s parents. He was happy and was making plans with his friends in Maine. There was no note left behind.Then they discovered something they had never heard of before: the choking game.That’s when someone purposely cuts off blood and oxygen flow to the brain to the point of passing out.”It exists, kids do it, Alex had done it and we believe 100% with all of our heart that Alex was doing this the day that he died and lost his life.”In fact there are estimates that 1 in 5 young people take part in the choking game, sometimes with deadly consequences.In part two of our report, we’ll hear more from Alex’s parents, and from an expert about this dangerous practice.If parents want more information on the choking game log onto