Mainers Seek Help for Haiti Children 

During the past few days the Logiodice family in Pittsfield has taken in thousands of dollars in donations to help bring relief to a group of children in Haiti. Over a year ago Jediah and Amanda Logiodice began the process of adopting 5 year old Cristella and 1 year old David from the H.I.S. Home for Children orphanage in Port Au Prince. All 130 children at the orphanage are safe, but they have no place to live after the earthquake crumbled their two buildings where the children lived. Late Monday afternoon the Logiodice family received word that they needed to get the donations that businesses and individuals have given to Logan Airport in Boston to be shipped out on a flight to Haiti Tuesday morning. While Jediah and Amanda are thankful for all the help and support they say a much larger effort is needed. They say the solution is humanitarian parole for these Haitian children who already have homes awaiting them in the United States. This does not expedite the adoption process but it allows these children to be brought to the United States for a temporary period. Besides halting deportations and granting temporary status, this is another way in which DHS can help Haiti. Jediah told TV5 Monday, “I can’t emphasize enough the importance of getting in touch with elected officials. There’s a need crying out from haiti right now.” To find out more on how you can donate to help the children at the H.I.S. Home for Children visit Pittsfield First Baptist Church