Eddington Woman Survives Quake & Home Safely 

Jessica Frick of Eddington will never forget the last few days. The Colby College senior was on vacation in Haiti with her college roomate when the unthinkable happened. “We were lost, so we were just driving around Port au Prince and at first the car started bouncing and I thought it was just a pothole,” says Frick, “then I saw a building coming down across the road and I thought it was just being demolished but then I saw other buildings coming down.” Soon after the quake struck, Frick realized something very dangerous was happening around her. “We were running through the streets and there were hundreds of people in the streets yelling and screaming. It was mass chaos. Nobody knew what to do or where to go.”Frick says she had no way of contacting her family in Maine. “The communication was pretty much non-existent,” she says, “all the cell phone towers were down, but at that point, there were no international phone cards to be bought.”Back in Eddington, the Frick family could do nothing but sit and wait for word. “We were just completely in a fog for about three days,” says Frick’s sister Sarah, “the only thing we were thinking about was we had our phones on all the time.”Jessica finally got through to her family when got back to the U.S. She arrived home in Eddington Saturday. She says she’s learned a lot from her ordeal. “I’m definitely going to be thankful for a lot of things, be more aware of my environment and be more prepared for anything to happen and people around me that love me.”