Dexter Ice Fishing Derby A Family Affair 

Just over 150 fishermen took advantage of the clear skies this weekend as they took part in the Ice Fishing Derby at Lake Wasookeag in Dexter. The Dexter Fish and Game Club sponsored the event and they said the fishing was great on Saturday but it was a different story on Sunday. “It was a slow, I can’t speak for anyone else but for us it was slow,” said Mike Stevens of Dexter. the weather it was a bit chilly but the folks here seem to like it a little cold. Vance Mcnaughton is the President of the Dexter Fish and Game Club. He says the weather it was a bit chilly but the folks here seem to like it a little cold. “As long as it’s not too cold we do great,” he says, “this weekend was excellent, we’ve had years where it’s been 20 or 30 below and only the diehards came out.”Even when the weather gets too cold it doesn’t seem to bother Matthew and Kimberly scott of Dexter. They built their own custom ice fishing shack with all the amenities of home, including a flat screen t.v and Direct TV.”Well we started building it last year,” Matthew Scott says of his shack, “we wanted a family shack so the one day off I have during the week we’ll be able to bring the whole family out and enjoy ice fishing.” The dexter fish and game club already have plans for the proceeds they make from this tournament. “We’re going to hopefully have some events for the kids,” says Mcnaughton, “we’ll try to promote hunting and fishing and do some things with the community at the sporting level.”The folks out on the lake today told me that even though the fish aren’t biting there are other parts of the day that make it a success for everyone. “Just the camaraderie of being here with your friends and family and bringing the kids and letting them do their thing and expose them to ice fishing at an early age so that it’s something they can carry with them for the rest of their lives,” says Stevens, “I think that’s the important thing.”