Pet Therapy 

You can help give a stuffed dog that will offer comfort and companionship to a child.The Acadia Hospital uses stuffed animals in its Pet Therapy Program. The animals are used in the treatment of their clients, especially children. Medical Director of Child Services at Acadia Eric Kuntz says the stuffed dogs can offer a bond for the children that helps when they are under emotional stress.” The real magic occurs because these are the pets we have here at the hospital so in a sense we are almost able to communicate that we are safe through the pet itself because the communication really goes both ways. The ultimate advantage would be when the child leaves they’re almost taking a bit of the nuture and treatment and everything they get here at the hospital with them when they go.”The Acadia Hospital is trying to raise enough money to be able to give every child a stuffed dog to take home with them.Twenty-five dollars will pay for one therapeutic stuffed dog.If you would like more information on the program or would like to make a donation you can call 973-6166.