January 16, 2010 – Stony Brook vs Maine – Women’s Basketball 

The Maine Women’s Basketball team this evening tried to duplicate the Men’s performance against Stony Brook. During halftime, some of the team’s best alums were honored.A great game for Maine’s Kristin Baker. Here, she hits the jump shot then going the other way, she flies down on defense and takes the charge for good measure. Team-high 17 points for Baker.But Stony Brook does have a strong fast break offense. Nice pass to Kristen Jeter and she lays it in.Baker though says anything you can do, I can do better. On the fast break she gets the runner to fall.Maine led with two minutes to go but they cannot close it out. Jeter was too much for the Black Bears to handle. 18 points for her as Stony Brook beats Maine 64 to 59.