Back Door Dance Studio Burn-a-Thon 

Folks were dancing away the pounds in Eddington Saturday.And raising money for an after school dance program at the same time.Meghan Hayward explains.Feet were moving and calories were being burnt at the Back Door Dance Studio in Eddington.” It’s a burn-a-thon to raise money for the After School Dance Program’s tuition assistance fund.”The program runs on a six week dance session where kids can learn a variety of different types of dances.The fundraiser helps keep kids active and save their parents some money.” We have found in the two years that we’ve been doing this that a lot of children in this area can’t even afford the 25 dollars a week. So this helps them to be able to come and dance.”The kids say it’s fun place to come.” To mostly dance. To do some aerials and learn some new moves.”” My brother and cousin come and I have a lot of friends here.”There were six 50 minute dance segments folks could take part in.Everyone was asked to raise a penny for each calorie they burned.And halfway through, they had already raised over 1-thousand dollars.” It’s great. I was speechless.”Some folks took part in a little swing.And others tried zumba.But no matter what dance they were doing everyone was happy to be helping raise money for a good cause.If you missed the fundraiser but would still like to help donate or just want more information on the classes they offer you can call the dance studio at 843-5638.