Employee Sick Time Bill Discussed 

Maine business groups are lining up in opposition to a bill that would guarantee paid sick time to workers.The bill is sponsored by senate president Libby Mitchell.It went before the labor committee Thursday afternoon.If passed, it would provide earned sick leave of up to six paid days annually for workers in larger businesses and three paid days for workers in smaller companies.Supporters of the bill say it protects public health. Those opposed say it’s bad for business. “It’s quite a burden especially on small business owners,” Said John Hastings from the Flat Rock Bridge Family Resort. “I’m considered a small business even though in June and July I employ 40 or 50 people, and if they all cash in sick days in July I’m looking at another 10-15 thousand in my budget I can’t afford.I don’t know it’s a lot to ask of businesses in Maine.”It’s estimated that there are more than 200,000 Maine workers who do not have paid sick days.The labor committee will discuss the bill over the upcoming weeks before it’s sent to the full legislature to vote on.