Rockland Youth Program Teaches Rowing & More 

An organization in rockland is giving Maine kids the chance to explore some of the wonders of the Maine coast and they could also learn some life lessons along the way.Since 2001, Muriel Curtis, Director of Station Maine, has been offering local kids a chance to get outdoors and experience what coastal Maine has to offer. “We’re primarily youth and then rowing,” says Curtis, “we’re that long red boat that everyone sees in Rockland harbor.”Station Maine has plenty to offer kids besides rowing. “Most of our activities center around the boat,” she says, “we have the rowing machine because they’re fun. we’ve done hiking, we’ve done winter camping.”Curtis has also taken a group of kids to France, she says they earned every dime for their trip on their own.The program is completely free thanks to donations from local businesses and organizations, but even though there’s no money required, Curtis says make sure you bring your sense of adventure. “The kids that are attracted to Station Maine want something more than the schools and the youth programs of the 21st century are permitted to give them.”She’s also teaching kids a sense of accountability. “You make a mistake, you own it,” says Curtis, “you take whatever consequences there are, then it’s over.”Consequences usually are no more than a few push-ups. Curtis says everyone is held accountable, no exceptions. “If I leave my gear on the boat, the kids tell me, 10 push-ups!”Not even the cold weather stops curtis from taking kids out rowing. She has openings for rowers on her winter crew team. “They love it! As ridiculous as that sounds, it’s cold and often wet and often blowing.” Station Maine is having a meeting for interested kids, ages 8-18, and their parents on Saturday, January 23 at 10:00 a.m. They’re located at 75 Mechanic Street in Rockland. For more information call 691-2037. Station Maine is also on Facebook.