Rally for Immigration Reform 

Local community and business leaders came together in Bangor Thursday in a show of support for migrant workers in rural and northern Maine.The group marched to the offices of Senators Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins to request a meeting on federal immigration reform.Today’s event was part of a nationwide mobilization of “Americans for Comprehensive Immigration Reform.”In all, there were more than a hundred such events, spread through all fifty states.Ben Chin of Maine People’s Alliance says it’s the right thing to do for the communities in Maine and for the economy to make sure everyone has equal rights in the workforce.”Well what we hope is that we’ll be able to sit down with them and support their efforts in the Senate to find workable solutions for immigration reform this year. So that there’s an earned path to legalization, so that families can stay together, so workers can have their rights and we can restore due process.”And Chin says they are confident those solutions will be found.