Mainer Missing in Haiti Found Alive 

21-year-old Jessica Frick of Eddington left to visit Haiti with her Colby College roommate, Yanica Faustin, about two weeks ago. They were visiting Faustin’s father’s house in the now devastated capital of Port-au-Prince when the earthquake hit. Since then, Frick’s parents have not been able to talk to their daughter. But, she has received word that her daughter is all right. A girlfriend was able to get a hold of Faustin’s brother. Cindy Frick Jessica’s Mother recalls when she received that call.”She said that Stephen had a girlfriend here in the states who had been hitting redial like every 30 seconds on her phone to try to get a hold of him. And one time it just happened to go through. She got to talk to him and asked if everyone was ok, specifically asked each person’s name, and he said they were all fine. They were in the house when the earthquake hit and there was no damage to their house and they were staying where they are.” The news comes as a relief to Cindy Frick, her husband Robyn and their two other children, who have all been waiting to hear anything. Photo: Jessica Frick (left) next to Yanica Faustin.