The Biggest Mover 

The Bangor Y wants to get people moving this winter.That’s why they’re launching a program called the Biggest Mover.Teams of five will meet with trainers each week for 12 weeks, and then work on assignments to get the participants active.They’ll have 5 weeks on their own to keep it up. Then they’ll have a final team challenge at Camp Jordan.That’s where they’ll have a final weigh in, and the person who loses the biggest percentage of their body weight will be named the Biggest Mover.”Everybody that’s applied says it helps them so much more when they have to be accountable not only to themselves and their trainer but everybody else on their team cause their entire team is going to be counting on them as well.”The winner will get $200 in cash, plus $200 donated to the homeless shelter in their name.The program is filling up fast, but if you’re interested contact the Bangor Y at 941-2815.