Tax Credit Counseling 

If you fill out your own tax forms you just might be missing out on some substantial tax credits.As it turns out, thousands of people in eastern Maine are missing out on a key tax credit.It’s called the Earned Income Tax Credit, and it’s available to low-income workers and families.It’s estimated that one in four taxpayers nationwide who is eligible isn’t even aware of the money available to them. “The EITC program is the largest anti-poverty program in the U.S.” Said the director of Casey Family Services, Mark Millar. “More dollars come to the most vulnerable and needy families throughout the US through this program, but we also know that up to 20% is left on the table.”Cash Maine is a statewide network with programs that offer free tax preparation to low-income workers and their families.Last year more than 3,000 households were helped.To learn more on how to take advantage of those services dial 211 to find out more about a program in your area.