Man Convicted of Manslaughter For Shooting Death During Sex Games 

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) – A man charged in the shooting death of afriend during a night of sex play in a “dungeon” has beenconvicted of manslaughter by a jury in Maine’s largest city. Defense lawyer Tom Hallett told jurors Wednesday that three menhad been using guns as part of their sexual play and that thevictim may have put a bullet in a revolver to increase the thrill.Defendant Bruce Lavallee-Davidson told police the shooting was anaccident. Assistant Attorney General Lisa Marchese (mahr-KAY’-zee) says itwas still Lavallee-Davidson’s responsibility to make sure the gunwasn’t loaded before handling it. The trial has shed light on a dungeon in victim Fred Wilson’sSouth Portland home filled with sex toys. Wilson died from a singlegunshot to the head.