Mainers Head to Haiti 

Mainers are known for lending a hand, and many are now reaching out to the victims of the earthquake in Haiti.On Tuesday, a 7.0 magnitude quake rumbled through the capitol city of Port Au Prince.For one Glenburn couple, the devastation hits close to home, because Haiti is their home away from home.Joy Hollowell explains.===========”It was actually very shocking. My son said, Mom, I think you want to sit down and turn on the tv,” says Pam Brochu of Glenburn.Pam and Luke Brochu couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Buildings and lives destroyed after a massive earthquake Tuesday in Haiti. The Glenburn couple knew, they had to fly to the third world country immediately.”We’ve been going to Haiti since 19-98,” says Luke Brochu. “Just doing small projects- building schools and churches and doing medical clinics. And about five years ago, we partnered with another nurse down there and we’re not the director of the Maine Haitian Ministries.”Pam travels to haiti every three months. She and others provide medical care as well as spiritual guidance to the people living there. Their mission house is based in Cap Haitian and serves more than nine-thousand patients a year, mostly children.”It’s the land of contrast because in one part you see the devastation and neediness, but then there’s another aspect that the people are so beautiful and so content and their faith is amazing. So they are why we go back,” says Pam Brochu.And now, the Brochus are making plans to go back as early as next week. “The Missionary Flights International, which is one of the organizations we’re affiliated with, provides transportation in times of need like this. They actually have an airplane at the airport in Port Au Prince loaded up with supplies, water treatment supplies,” says Luke Brochu.The brochus realize it will be a very long road to recovery. But it’s one they’re willing to take, no matter how long it takes.”We’ve been going so long now, that we’ve built relationships and they are like family. So nothing is going to hold us back,” says Pam Brochu.=======If you would like to make a donation to the Maine Haitian Ministries, you can send a check to: Maine Haitian Ministries26 Riverbend DriveGlenburn, ME 04401You can also make a donation on their website