Bangor High School Working With Students To Keep Dances 

School officials at Bangor High School are threatening to cancel all of the school dances for the rest of the year if students don’t change the way they dance.They say they have repeatedly warned the students there to stop the practice of grinding on the dance floor, now they say the problem has gotten worse. “When this happened again at the November dance the administration talked about it and decided to go to the student council and to say that we need to clarify expectations,” Superintendent Betsy Webb says.The school’s policy is simple. “If students are grinding they will be informed that they will have to leave the dance and that parents will be called and informed that their child has been told to leave the dance,” Webb says.Lauren Fitzgerald is a Senior at Bangor high School and she says that not everyone is to blame. “Some people are as bad as what the paper says but most of it is not.”Other students, like Joe Saccareccia say times have changed. “Times have changed since the 70’s and 60’s and it’s a different style of dancing really that we’re used to and we’ve grown up around.”But Saccareccia says students need to respect the decision made by school officials. “You know it’s up to the school really to implement the decision made and it’s one of those decisions where it’s up to the people in charge.”The next school dance is scheduled for February 26th. Webb is confident the students will respect the decision and act appropriately. “I have been so impressed with the student leadership at the high school and I know the student council members will be able to work through this and that we’re going to be fine. I do not foresee that we’ll have to cancel even the february 26th dance and that is our next school dance.”