Veterans Recognize Brewer Restaurant 

Last Veterans Day, a group from Milo went to eat at the Muddy Rudder in Brewer.The restaurant was offering free dinners to all veterans as well as those currently serving in the armed services.On Monday, that same group from Milo returned to the Muddy Rudder to say thank you and present the establishment a plaque.They tell us the generosity and patriotism they encountered from everyone that night, from the waitstaff to the management, meant a lot.General Manager Tom Workman says the chance to talk with so many veterans and hear their stories meant a lot to the folks at the Muddy Rudder too. “We wanted to do something that would speak to them and let them know that we care,” Said Workman. “And the importance that they bring to us in our everyday lives is often overlooked.” “They went overboard to thank us for our service and whatnot and it was kind of like, just a happy family,” Randy Kluj or the Milo American Legion said after presenting the plague. “And having been a vietnam veteran myself, it was almost like the coming home we never got.”The Muddy Rudder plans to offer the Veterans Day dinner again this year.