Senator Snowe In Ellsworth Tuesday 

A group of small business owners spoke directly with Senator Olympia Snowe at a gathering in Ellsworth today. About 100 people were at the town hall style meeting at city hall.Senator Snowe fielded questions on topic ranging from from healthcare to energy independence. What was on most of their minds was how to get small businesses in Maine thriving again.”I think Maine is a laboratory of small business,” said Senator Snowe, “and I’ve learned that what works for Maine works for America because small businesses are job generators. Obviously here in Maine but it’s true for the country. Two-thirds of all the new jobs created are created by small businesses so we need to make sure the well being of small businesses.”On the issue of healthcare Senator Snowe said there’s no need to rush the bill, stressing the importance of getting it right. The Senator also said she believes there will eventually be a bipartisan bill that can unite America.