Clothes Pin Art Exhibit 

When you think of clothes pins, you most likely think of hanging out your laundry.But one Florida-based artist has taken them to a whole other level in Bangor.Meghan Hayward explains.There’s a large-scale sculpture that will be on display at the University of Maine Museum of Art that’s expected to turn a few heads, it’s made out of clothes pin.” I try to count. I always forget or lose count of them. In here all the pieces together there’s got to be at least 10,000 of them, probably more than that.”Florida-based artist Gerry Stecca first started working with clothes pins about seven years ago.” As a joke I made a dress for a friend and got a lot of attention and this is what happens years later I make really large-scale installations.”So how does Stecca envision his pieces in the beginning?” I can’t plan the piece from start to finish. It just kind of happens. As I do the work they start taking shape and if I don’t like it I have to cut it and turn it around. So they kind of lead the way.”Stecca says he’s happy to be displaying his work in Maine.” When I had a chance to come to the Northeast I couldn’t say no. It was a great opportunity. Never been to a place this cold. I grew up in the tropics so that was part of the adventure.”Stecca says he hopes folks enjoy his sculpture.” I always look forward to see and hear what they have to say. Modesty aside, it’s a unique media and people will just be surprised by it and there going to walk around it and become part of the piece.”