Chamber Breakfast 

Forecasting the future of Maine’s economy, that was the topic of a presentation at a business breakfast sponsored by the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce Tuesday.James Breece is the Vice Chancellor of Academic and Student Affairs at the University of Maine System.He says there are a lot of positive signs that our state’s economy is recovering from the recession. Holiday sales were strong, and employment is more stable.But he sees problems with the long term prospects for our state. “If you look at our industry mix, unfortunately a lot of manufacturing jobs have disappeared. We lost one third of our manufacturing jobs. If you look into the future, the future growth in occupations are really in low wage, low skilled jobs.”Breece also says we can all have a big impact on our economy.He says our leaders need to find ways to add value to our raw materials and concentrate on exporting our products.Plus, he says they need to ensure a positive business climate in Maine.