Archer Trial 

Testimony continued Wednesday in the trial of a Bangor man accused of stabbing his ex-girlfriend.David Archer is charged with attempted murder.Police were called to Hudson Street in Bangor in April 2008.They say they found a 22-year-old woman who had been stabbed.The woman identified her attacker as her ex-boyfriend, David Archer.Archer’s mother took the stand today.The state played segments from three recorded phone calls that took place between Archer and his mother while he was in jail.The defense then requested all the phone calls be played in their entirety, arguing that pieces of the conversations could lead the jury to think a particular way.Assistant District Attorney Greg Campbell says he was happy with Archer’s mother’s testimony.”She was in a very difficult position, after all this is her son’s 35th birthday and she was asked to come in and testify in the case. But she testified consistently with what she’d told the police. And she testified that she had seen her son on the afternoon of the stabbing and that he had a knife, he was flicking the knife and that if he saw his girlfriend he would stab her.”The state rested their case this afternoon.The defense is expected to call several witnesses tomorrow, including a psychiatrist.