U Maine Board Of Trustees Meet 

The University of Maine board of trustees held its first meeting of the news year today at the office in Bangor. Faculty and students had the chance to meet with trustees and pass on their ideas for the year as well as for the future of the U-Maine system.One of the topics dicussed was online classes. The U-Maine system will encourage all its schools to offer on-line classes, believing it will help make it easier for non-traditional students to earn degrees. James Breece is the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. “Students, especially adult students, need more flexibility and online programs and courses offer that,” says Breece, “they can stay in their homes and take courses. If high speed internet is a problem they can go to one of our 10 University Centers around the state and take their courses there.”The University of Maine system consists of 7 universities statewide as well as 9 university outreach centers.