Tuesday Rally Planned 

There’s a gathering planned at the State House tomorrow to speak up for folks who have a hard time speaking for themselves.Parents with developmentally disabled children and their providers will rally in Augusta against proposed cuts to programs now before lawmakers.”Over 400 people would be handled by six state employees”, those are the numbers given by Citizens of Maine, LLC, President Julie Helwig, and how cases would be handled if these cuts were passed.A large crowd is expected Tuesday and Wednesday at the State House in Augusta, to have their voices heard about the proposed cuts that would impact the developmentally disabled.”The message I want hammered out is,” says Wendy Landry of Bucksport, her son Devin participates in programs sponsored by Citizens of Maine ” Don’t cut these guys out just because they can’t speak up for themselves, how they should be able to. I mean he should be up here saying this, he deserves the right to be whatever it is that he can be and with these programs, he can’t do that.”Helwig says these cuts “can mean a significant increase in the risk to the health and safety of the client we serve and the providers who are supporting these folks.”Those who could be impacted by these cuts are both afraid and hopeful.”There is the chance that we could be heard and the legislature could decide ‘Yup you’re right, it’s a bad idea we take it back, we’ll find another way,'” says Helwig. ” I’m feeling very hopeful that they will decide against it because of the impact it’s too great to ignore.””I could be homeless basically,” says Landry. ” I mean this support that we get has made it so that I can have a home, I would have no where to go.”