The Coffee Pot Garage Sale 

It was truly the end of an era when The Coffee Pot in Bangor closed on December 31st.But Monday, the famous sandwich shop opened its doors again, to offer the public a piece of its nearly 80-year history.As Joy Hollowell shows us, folks packed the place to cash in on the memories.==========”OK, you want the stools? 35 bucks.”They started arriving an hour early…”17 and 3 bottles are 20 bucks even.”Folks young and old, eager to buy a bit of Bangor history. “there you go.”Cheryl Whittaker worked at The Coffee Pot for 20 years. She and two other long time workers are hosting the garage sale.”We spent all last week dragging stuff from the attic and the cellar, and all the stuff that were memories for us. So, it’s been kind of tough, bittersweet.”The women uncovered some true treasures…Including a popcorn maker that’s run on gas rather than electric. Cheryl Whittaker says it’s from the 19-40’s.And, remember the old joke that the coffee pot doesn’t serve coffee. Turns out, it did.”Skip’s dad did because he’d sit out at the front and visit with his friends in the evenings, because they were open late nights at the time,” says Whittaker.Each piece for sale has a story…and Cheryl is happy to share it.”We trained the girls to do tuna, we would scoop that amount and we knew that would fit a small and 3 fit a large,” she explains to a customer.Many of these customers are the same ones who came in day after day for a Coffee Pot sandwich.”Oh yes, all my girls went here, I went here with my dad and my mom, my brothers. So yeah, it’s definitely nostalgic,” said Deborah Deane of Brewer.Just about everyone asked if the famous neon sign was for sale.”no,” says Whittaker, “the sign is being donated to the Bangor Historical Society, which is the best place of it to be.”But, says Cheryl, everything else is.”including three of us at the point when we’ll all be looking for jobs,” laughs Cheryl.========The ladies are also selling commemorative key chains that show a drawing of The Coffee Pot.The garage sale runs through Wednesday, or until everything is sold.The doors open at 9AM, and goes on until 3 in the afternoon.