Old Maine Horse-drawn Sled Riding in Bradley 

The snow was perfect for sled rides Sunday.It was put on by the Maine Forest and Logging Museum.Photojournalist Kenn Thompkins was there.”We have sled rides that kind of give the people a chance to come and ride a horse drawn sled and get a feel of what it was like.””It gives people a chance to see our history feel our history a little bit. It’s an enjoyable experience for them.””We’ve been doing the sled rides we did them last year we’ve done them in years past but this year, 2010, is the 50th anniversary of the Maine Logging Museum,” Said Mike Lane, the president of the board of directors of the Maine Forest and Logging Museum.”People just like seeing the horses seeing what they can do you can ride the sled through the woods and that’s pretty impressive just to sit on that sled and have the horses take you silently through the woods.””The ride was on a rugged trail that wasn’t plowed and there was lots of woods and trees we went over a bridge and just some different things and we took lots of pictures we had fun watching the horses,” Said Barbara Doody, a sled rider from Alton.”I grew up on a farm my grandchildren live in town so they don’t have the opportunity so that’s why I brought here here today.””We come often even when their not open we walk on the trails we bring the kids it’s a good outing for them I think their awesome I think that they have come a really long way since they started.”