Family Home Condemned Due to Paint 

Lead paint can be a problem in older homes, especially ones built before 1978.The parents of a 2-year-old girl believe lead may have effected their child. The Gitschier family began renting their home in 2008 with the intention to renovate. In the process of paint removal one of their 4 children, Jayden, began acting strangely. “They thought it was something wrong with her legs, then something wrong with her eyes, now that we’ve checked everything we found out its not her legs, eyes, ears, then they said there’s something else wrong,” Said Gerald Gitschier.After a series of medical tests and still no firm diagnosis Gitschier believes his daughter has lead poising. “Home renovations cause over half the childhood lead poisonings in Maine,” According to the Maine Department of Environmental Protection. And “Children are at the most risk for lead rosining…and very small amounts of led cause behavioral problems.” Since then Gitschier had his home inspected by a licensed risk assessor for the state of Maine. The inspector deemed the house a hazard and unlivable. “He said the whole house is full, he said the kids rooms were the worst, he said the whole house is nothing but lead.”When Jayden was last tested for lead her level was 12. Blood lead levels above 15 require specific action be taken by the health department in most states according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.But Jayden’s father says if the lead had anything to do with it he wishes he would have known the possible risks before beginning the renovation.