Bangor & Brewer City Councils Meet To Discuss Team Effort 

City officials from Bangor and Brewer held a meeting this morning and they moved one step closer toward forming a joint committee that would serve both cities. The purpose is very clear. To provide ways for the two cities to save money.That’s been the focus of the city councils from Bangor and Brewer as they look to team up to help ease the economic burden. Richard Stone is the Mayor of Bangor and says he’s optimistic. “I think that we’ll save some money in conjunction with Brewer,” says Stone, “we’ll have an opportunity to look at the services we currently provide and by working with Brewer, we might find ways to provide some of the services we currently provide.”It was clear at the joint committee meeting that both councils have ideas on where the two cities can work together. Joe Ferris is on the Brewer City Council and says they will examine all ways to save money during these tough economic times. “We’re going to look at all areas,” Ferris says, “the ones that come to mind immediately, fire and police, but it could be code enforcement, it could be assessing, it could be schools. We’re not going to limit the scope we’re going to look at all areas, take the time that we need and see about saving some money and how much.”The new committee will consist of 10 members, 5 from Bangor and 5 from Brewer. Both city managers and finance directors will also sit in, but in a non-voting capacity. The hope is the public will also take an active role. “It’s clear in Brewer, the citizens wanted this,” says Ferris, “they voted 3-1 to tell us to do this, so hopefully they’ll be involved.””The cooperation that we had this morning was fantastic,” says the Bangor Mayor, “we started off on a bumpy road a year ago when we started this, but good things don’t all happen overnight. I’m looking forward to this opportunity.” The city councils have now started the process of selecting the people who will serve on the committee.