Bangor Indoor Sports Arena Allows Kids to be Active During Winter Months 

An indoor sports facility in bangor is letting kids be active during the winter months.As Meghan Hayward tells us, parents couldn’t be happier with what the facility is giving their children.It’s Winter in Maine, but these kids are playing an outdoor sport, inside.It’s called the Fields-4-Kids Indoor Sports Facility.”We have leagues. Soccer leagues, lacrosse leagues, field hockey, pick-ups and rentals. It’s basically an inexpensive way to stay active during the winter months.”And with folks so concerned with the amount of time kids are spending playing on the computer or video games.This gives them another option.”Maine has one of the highest obesity rates for children and just running around for an hour will help combat that.”Parents are happy to have a place to bring their children during the Winter.”One of the really important things for our family to have an active family and ways for our children to always be active. In the winter it’s a little difficult so we were trying to find an indoor arena for him to play and so we found this place.”Another aspect of the sports facility parents like, is the confidence it gives their children.”My son he needed some confidence especially being new to the area he didn’t know anybody. And this has given him confidence and made friends for him and he’s met people and he’s just become more sure of himself.”The indoor sports facility has only been open for a year.It’s a volunteer based non-profit organization that has been made possible by several generous donors.John Pyne is one of those donors.And he’s happy he could help.”I think this facility provides a much needed area for the kids to help stay active in the area during the cold winter months.”And while it’s a hit with the parents, the kids love it too.”I like coming here to play soccer and have fun.””Playing soccer with my friends.”For more information you can go to the facilities Website