Waldo County Emergency Pet Shelter 

In case of emergency, folks in Waldo county now have a shelter for their animals too.During Hurricane Katrina, a lot of folks either didn’t go to a shelter because of their pets or animals were left behind and died. After that, Congress passed a law requiring states to plan for emergency pet shelters.Waldo County officials now have their plan in place. If the Red Cross activates a shelter at the Troy Howard Middle School in Belfast, animals would be housed in a garage behind the school.Dale Rowley, Director of the Waldo County Emergency Management Agency, says bought a trailer with all the equipment needed to keep the animals safe. “We’re hoping it might save some people’s lives or animals’ lives if they’re willing to go to the shelter instead of staying home and weathering the storm. Last time we had a major shelter activation was the ice storm of 98 and there were some instances with that with the animals. There were some animals frozen outside, couldn’t move cause they were frozen to the ground.”Five people have been trained to operate the emergency shelter with several more people on standby to volunteer.A local pet shop has also agreed to provide all the food for the shelter.