Volunteers Getting Set For Free Tax Prep Service 

A group of volunteers spent part of Thursday at Husson University in Bangor today getting up to speed on the new tax laws. What they’re learning could potentially save people thousands of dollars this tax season.Richard Jung is a District Coordinator for AARP and is one of the people heading up this class. “What we’re getting ready to do is open our tax preparation sites,” says Jung, “we have 15 of these in the 4 county area around Bangor and we prepare tax returns for people free of charge.” Stan Marshall has been volunteering here for the past nine years. “Well frankly I wouldn’t go to the same class twice but this is my 8th or 9th time in this class because every year the tax law changes,” he says, “so the only way to be a good volunteer and help tax payers is to know the rules.” Marshall says letting trained volunteers do your taxes means you’re less likely to miss out on some lucrative tax credits. “Well one of the big helps to people who don’t have high incomes and have several children is the earned income tax credit,” says Marshall, “it’s more than last year and it applies to up to 3 children. Also the income limit has been raised so people who might not have gotten credit before will get one this year.” The Earned Income Tax Credit can actually be worth over $5000 to those who qualify, but Marshall says this free tax service can save you more than money. “The average tax return only takes us probably 45 minutes, where as if somebody were to sit down on their own it could take several hours.”To find the nearest tax preperation site just dial 211 on your phone after January 15th.