Red Cross Offers Coffee for Blood 

A pound for a pint.That’s the new promotion by the American Red Cross.People who donate a pint of blood to the Red Cross in January get a coupon for a free pound of Dunkin Donuts coffee.They tell us they especially need type O blood.Trudy Darling with the Red Cross says you can donate at their center on Hammond Street in Bangor on Thursdays, from eleven to six. And on Fridays, from eight to two, as well as other hours.Or, she says if you live somewhere else, there’s a chance they’ll come to you. Every day, they set up mobile donor centers all around the state. “Oh we go all the way to the Canadian border, up north, and we’re all the way to the New Hampshire border down south, Jackman and Machias as well. So we cover the whole state of Maine and we have 6 to 7 mobiles out every day, so we might be in your neighborhood,” Trudy told TV5 on Wednesday.Another perk they’re offering this month to donors: The chance to win tickets to the “hot stove night” at the Bangor Civic Center at the end of January.It’s an event featuring Red Sox announcers, which is usually by invitation only.For more information on donating or coordinating with a mobile donor center, you can call the Red Cross, at 941-2900.