Giant Snowman in Bangor 

We’ve had quite a bit of snow lately, and a Bangor man is putting it to good use.Sean Johnson enlisted the help of two of his friends to build a giant snowman at his home on Lancaster Street.It took them over two weeks to build him, and Johnson put the finishing touches on their masterpiece Wednesday night.The snowman now stands 10 feet 9 inches tall, complete with a bungee cord for the mouth, a trailer hitch for the nose and beer bottles for the eyes. “I took all the snowbanks in the yard and piled them into a pile. None of it is rolled. It’s all little snowballs and shovels the whole thing. I shaped it the other day and put the eyes and stuff in it and called it good.”Johnson says he was a little disappointed. He was hoping the snowman would be a little taller.He says that’s his plan for next year.