NASA Technology Being Used In Chiropractic Care 

It’s being called a breakthrough in the field of chiropractic care but can a computer actually pinpoint problem areas in your spine? Dr. Patricia Cline of Cline Chiropractic Center says yes it can. People have counted on chiropractic adjustments for years. A few cracks of the spine can make a world of difference, but according to a Dr. Cline, those adjustments can have some long term benefits many folks may not realize. “You’re going to have better resistance to colds, flu’s,” she says, “you’re going to feel more rested when you sleep, you may even sleep better, all sorts of things that a person does to maintain good health.”At Cline Chiropractic Center in Bangor, they’re now using a new technique that’s being hailed as a breakthrough in chiropractic care. It’s called the Pro Adjuster. It uses technology taken from NASA. “I send a little mechanical impulse in to the spine and the echo that comes back allows the Pro Adjuster to make a bar graph and a bell curve and give me a graph to show me which way the spine is functioning,” says Cline.Dr. Cline says the Pro Adjuster has taken the guess work out of chiropractic care. “It helps me be much more precise and it helps me do a non-invasive evaluation every time I see the patient so I can tell where they are that particular day because as you get better things change and the pain moves around a little bit, and I can go right with it and it’s much faster and more efficient.”So far, patients are pleased with these types of adjustments. Ashlee Simpson just had her first chiropractic adjustment and she says she would reccommend the Pro Adjuster to friends and family. “It felt really good,” she says, “I can feel the tension relieving which is nice.”If these types of results continue, the Pro Adjuster should be here to stay.