10 Time Drunk Driver Sentenced to 7 Years 

A Holden man is going to prison for seven years.Fifty-one-year-old Stephen Faulcon has been convicted of drunk driving 10 times.Wednesday in court, several family members spoke about his alcoholism and his need for counseling.Meghan Hayward has the story.”Stephen is a very hard worker just trying to make an honest living out there as we all are. But it seems just when his life is going in the right direction, he sabotages it. I don’t think he does this purposely your honor.”An alcohol and drug counselor spoke on behalf of Faulcon, saying he needed long term counseling and not a long term prison sentence.”Part of the problem with a lot of offenders is that they need reintegration back in society. Certainly with Mr. Faulcon’s extensive substance abuse and alcoholism, he definitely needs a program like the Derek House.”Deputy District Attorney Mike Roberts told the court he had never seen such an extreme traffic record as the one Faulcon has.”Well I’ve been doing this for 26 years and I’ve never seen anyone with 10 prior convictions before for OUI and plus the 10 OAR convictions on his record.”Roberts told the judge Faulcon is a danger to society.”He’s shown over and over again that he’s going to continue to drink and drive. He’s been fortunate so far that nobody’s been seriously injured. But I’m afraid the law of average is going to catch up with him one of these days and someone is going to be killed or hurt badly.”The defense argued Fauclon has proven while he is not in prison that he can contribute to the community and owns his own landscaping company.But roberts says he was a little disappointed with the sentence.”I think the community’s safety would have warranted that kind of sentence. I understand the judge’s rationale for reducing it somewhat. Seven years is a significant sentence but as I said I would have hoped for the 9 1/2 years.”